Friendship Note Book

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Used Scrapbook paper added some images I found from some stationary.

Scrapbook Purses 4 X 3

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I made these using some scrap pieces of scrapbook paper I used rick rack for handles and on some I used the same for embellishing. I also embellished with character eyelets and one I used a small rose on the front. I will more than likely paste these to cards

Postage Stamp Holder

Monday, July 28, 2008

I made these for gifts and I hope the people I made them for do not see them... I took a large medicine bottle and covered it with some scrap pieces of paper I had left over from other projects, I ran some braided rick rack around the edge of the bottle. On top of the bottle I made small flower yo yo's once again using rick rack, put small buttons in the center of one,bead accents in the other two and glued them to the top. I put a smaller bottle inside to hold the stamps up to the level where I cut the hole for the stamp to run thru.


Just a whimsical thing I did. Basically covered the journal with scrapbook paper put the little girl on the zebra in the center. Framed it out with braided rick rack, added a embellishment in the top left hand corner.

Flip Flops

I made this using a purchased flip flop. I painted it white then I added some Red Hat Rub Ons.I put a small chain at the bottom of Red and Purple pony beads to reflect the famous colors those Special Lady's are famous for.
On the Florida One I added Palm Tree Rub Ons a few Flamingos and painted a sun for the Sunny State of Florida. The words across the top are alphabet stickers.

I sealed them both with poly seal. I hope you think they are Neatoooo

Jeweled Giraffe

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This item has been sold
I made this in the same manner I painted the frame in copper. I used mesh copper from a broken set of mesh earrings added a Giraffe from a broken pin and on the side is a used button with a Jaguar on it.

Jeweled Elephant

I made these first by sanding and painting the frame. I covered the back with scrapbook paper. I then found this broken Elephant pin and removed the latch and applied it to the middle of the frame. Embellished it with gold beading and placed a broken bow earring at the top. Measures 4” wide and 9” long.


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Breast Cancer Oranments

Friday, July 25, 2008

These are breast cancer ornaments that I made using lace and bottlecaps.

What I did is I took 14" of 2" lace and gathered the top and pulled it until it formed a circle
(Use embroidery thread stronger) tie it off once you get the circle formed.
I went on the Internet and found a breast cancer ribbon and sized it down using Word then just copy and pasted the ribbons leaving enough room in between to use a 1" circle punch to punch them out. I laminated my ribbons then put them through a xylon 150 sticker machine. I cut some ribbon to make my hanger for the tree and glued it to the gathered circle put the circles inside the bottle cap and glued the bottle cap to the gathered ribbon covering the hanging ribbon

Christmas In July Pins

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas In July Ornaments

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ornaments that I made.

The starflake I bought a pack of 12 at the Dollar Tree basically took a 1" circle image of a snaowman glued it inside the bottle cap then glued the bottlecap to the snowflake. The hanger was already on the snowflake.

The Lacy ornaments I basically cut a 18" piece of lace gathered the top and pulled it as you would for a yo yo. Once again used the same type bottle cap as the snowflake one above. The other 4 shown in the last 2 pictutes I used chriatmas buttons in the center.

LP Record

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I altered this LP record

My Newest Project

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This has been sold
I made this with old copper jewelry in the center piece that is most prominent. I added some wolfs that I cut from some old border paper I had left over from when I did my living room. The conchos I took from a broken belt. The item across the bottom is a copper bracelet that had long ago broke and I weaved rick rack through it for accent. I used blue sued foam as a background.
A total recycle project.

Ribbon Angels

50's Angel

Blue/Silver Angels

Bright Pink/Gold Angels

Green/Red Plaid Angels

Pastel/Silver Angels

Pink/Gold Angels

Pink/Silver Angels

Red/Silver Plaid Angels

Tulip Angels

Wine/Gold Angels

My New Porch




Palm Tree Planter

Pineapple Tree

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