Scrapbook Purses 4 X 3

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I made these using some scrap pieces of scrapbook paper I used rick rack for handles and on some I used the same for embellishing. I also embellished with character eyelets and one I used a small rose on the front. I will more than likely paste these to cards


HDMac said...

Donna, I love these!!!! I would love to know how you made them. My granddaughters would enjoy them!!!

I love your blog! I will add you to my blog list on my blog! :)

Your Voy friend,
Marcia "HDMac"

HDMac said...

Just thought of this, they would make a great gift card holder!

Anonymous said...

What would you carry in these? Seems like cardstock would get damaged really quickly! Is it more just for like a gift or a card? I bought the "Glitter" Stack and recognize the papers! hehe.

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