Christmas In July Ornaments

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ornaments that I made.

The starflake I bought a pack of 12 at the Dollar Tree basically took a 1" circle image of a snaowman glued it inside the bottle cap then glued the bottlecap to the snowflake. The hanger was already on the snowflake.

The Lacy ornaments I basically cut a 18" piece of lace gathered the top and pulled it as you would for a yo yo. Once again used the same type bottle cap as the snowflake one above. The other 4 shown in the last 2 pictutes I used chriatmas buttons in the center.


HDMac said...

Donna Lee, These are all beautiful!!!

judyyak said...

love all of these. would you have directions you are willing to share for these? thank you in advance. judyyak

Donna lee said...

Don't mind sharing but there are to many for me to write directions for most are easy and you can tell by looking at them how to make them. If you want directions for 1 or 2 I will br glsd to share but there are just to many if you want to keep checking back as time allows ai will try to add the directions

Donna lee said...
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