Wreath I made for Our Front Door

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Copper Lace Tree Skirt

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Decided to do my Tree this year in Ivory, Copper, and Peach
Needed a Tree Skirt which I am sure you know I could not find so with the help of some Fellow crafters on Etsy I was able to make my own.
Comments always welcome

Vintage Santa rolling Snowball Card

Vintage Santa rolling Snowball Card
Made with a old Vintage Card reproduced .by me. Wood Frame measures 15 X 12 and is painted in a Silver with some Black streaks in some areas giving a Antique Look.
Background is done with a collage of mixing scrapbook paper together, On the edges of the frame I embellished them with both red and green beads taken from two old broken Necklaces I had in my Junk box.
The Santa Card measures 9 X 6 and is framed out with Red, Green, and Ivory Buttons.
In the center you can see Santa rolling a huge snowball and in the middle of the snowball I made a tree with other smaller buttons and a clear plastic star at the top. I used a silver small heart for the tree stand.
I did make the tree from Styrofoam board to give it a 3 dimensional effect. I covered it with green felt, then put the buttons on.
Merry Christmas

Vintage reproduced Small Children Christmas Card

Vintage reproduced Small Children Christmas Card Wood Oak Frame measures 7 X 5, I outlined 3 of the edges with alternating Red and Green small ¼ inch buttons. The Vintage card shows 2 young girls peeking from behind a curtain at the Christmas Tree, I would assume this was Christmas Eve. On the right hand side near the bottom I used both red and crystal rhinestones to form a tree, at the bottom I used green rhinestones to form the trunk of the tree. At the top I put a green button for effect and then on top of that I added a star. This Art piece has it’s own Easel. Enjoy


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage Santa Framed Postcard
Made using a Vintage reproduced Christmas Postcard.
Wood Frame measures 5 x 6, a lovely pine color found at estate sale,
I framed the postcard using recycled red beads from a Vintage Necklace I had in my stash, resting on the left side of Santa’s beard is a lovely Rhinestone Tree made from Aurora Borealis stones topped off with a matching Star at the Top.
Merry Christmas

Glitter Beard Santa

Glitter Beard Santa
I so enjoyed making this piece of Art
Wood Frame measures 8½ X 7 actual inside dimensions 6½ X 4½.
Blue Christmas designed background, Santa is a Reproduced Vintage Christmas Card, I outlined and framed the card with clear crystal Rhinestones.
Santa’s beard has been embellished with snow glitter, I added a matching Rhinestone tree in the right hand bottom and on top is a Blue Star.
Merry Christmas
Has a saw tooth hanger to put up on wall or it can be displayed on a easel.

Poinsettia Silk Framed Christmas Tree

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Poinsettia Silk Tree
I made this with recycling in mind. I used Hunter Green Velvet as my background, I had some red silk poinsettias left over from another project and I need 25 but only had 24 red so I used a Silver one as a topper. I then added tiny silver tone beads in the center of the red flowers and a pearl red one in the center of the silver one. Used as a tree stand is a old Vintage Silver tone Pin. Frame is a Thrift Shop find, wood, and does not have a picture frame hanger on the back however you can add one if you wish or use a easel. Frame measures 16 X 13.

For Sale $25.00 Free Shipping

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My 1st attempt at something new. Christmas card is dated 1988 so does qualify for Vintage. I matted the card then added a string of clear crystal rhinestones around the edges. Picture is of a old Barn and Sawmill with small Children outside skating on the icy pond. On the right hand side I made a Rhinestone Christmas Tree with both red and purple glass stones.
Solid wood frame with it’s own easel however you can display it with a easel if you wish..

Always looking for some love share comments
For Sale $25.00 Free Shipping

Gold Angel Jewelry Christmas Tree

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This lovely tree is on a Gold tone wooden frame measuring 9½ X 11. I adorned this tree with all Gold Jewelry and Faux Pearl embellishments, the back ground is a white felt with metallic specks. I have placed a Cameo Locket near the bottom center and a gold tone Angel is at the top of the tree playing a Violin.. In the back ground between pieces you will find some braided gold trim for effect. Signed 4th in my 2009 series

For Sale $25.00 Free Shipping

Silver Angel Framed Christmas Tree

This lovely tree is on a Gold tone wooden frame measuring 9½ X 11.
I adorned this tree with all Silver Jewelry and Faux Pearl embellishments, the back ground is a Ecru felt.
I have placed 3 Angels down the center of the tree, one is praying, one is holding a candle, and the one at the top has flowers in her hand. The tree has many small pieces of Vintage Jewelry, at the bottom on each corner I put silver Angel Wings, with a Peace on Earth sign in the center. At the very top I used a Silver Poinsettia, also used in the design of this tree is silver trim.
Signed 5th in my 2009 Series

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Santa Claus Tree
I had so much fun making this tree. Took me 3 days to finally finish but it was a lot of fun.
Frame measures 16 X 13 and the inside measures 13¾ inches X 10¾.
I have generously adorned my tree with many many Christmas themed items including sequined Mr. and Mrs. Santa’s, several Vintage pieces of Jewelry, Moose heads, a Drummer Boy, Santa’s Sleigh, snowflakes, some buttons in there too, You can even find a Vintage Bracelet in the center, I also see some Christmas Bells and holly and much more.

Multi color Desk Button Cone Tree

Multi color Desk Button Cone Tree
Handmade by me and measures approx.10 inches high.
I do have a bottom for it that I made from a empty can of peanuts and some scrapbook paper I will include for you until you can find a stand of your pleasing.
I kind of just mixed several light color buttons on this one. I put a organza ribbon at the top and placed a clear plastic star behind it.

Personal Desk Pink Button Cone Tree

Personal Desk Pink Button Cone Tree
Handmade by me and measures approx.10 inches high.
I do have a bottom for it that I made from a empty can of peanuts and some scrapbook paper I will include for you until you can find a stand of your pleasing.
Completely made with shades of Pink and Ivory buttons, at the top I have made a yo - yo from some Heritage Pink Lace I found in my scrap drawer. I added a small chain of small pink faux pearls below the yo - yo and in the center you will see a gold tone heart with a pink cabochon in the center.
Used poster board for the cone and covered with left over felt, then formed the cone and glued together in the back (Hint it helps to tape to hold in place then glue) the rest I think you can figure out

Large Red Beaded Framed Tree

Monday, October 5, 2009

Large Red Beaded Framed Tree
This is a huge framed tree measuring 23¾ inches by 19¾. The backing I used is a gold textured fabric, Red beaded necklace used for the border to outline the shape of the tree. The tree is decorated with a very generous amount of old Vintage Costume as well as Christmas Jewelry. Main colors used are Reds, Greens, Whites and some Gold pieces. At the bottom I have taken a round red doily and folded it in 4 quarters and formed a triangle shape to resemble a trunk.. At the very bottom you will see a cute little Teddy Bear..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Palm Tree Vintage Jewelry Framed Tree
I had such a good time designing this and spent several days combining the colors and finding the right pieces to make this a attractive piece for you.
The frame measures 15 X 12 I painted this wooden frame Green, used blue felt for the sky and a sand color for the beach, I braided sand color tiny Rick rack as the horizon line.
I embellished the bottom right hand corner with a combination of 4 broken sea shell earrings and 1 gold tone Dolphin.
On the left hand side in the bottom corner I added a large gold tone shell with a little Lobster hiding under the she.., On top of the shell I have pencil colored a Mermaid and added dimension under her to give depth.
The tree itself has many many vintage pieces including rhinestones, and some small sea shells. It is my hope you will love this as much as I do..

Recycled Napkin Ring Snowman

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Napkin Ring Snowman
Made with 3 old White Napkin Rings, wooden stars, old buttons, and faux pine branches for arms.
Measures 6 inches tall. Handmade by me
Comments always welcome

Halloween Tree

I am pleased to say this has been sold.

Halloween Tree
My 1st Halloween Tree of the 2009 season. I painted the wooden frame with a purple metallic paint, I used orange felt as my backing. Frame measures 16 X 13.
Embellished with black lace, Halloween buttons, vintage jewelry, neon green tiny rick rack. I braided orange and black rick rack for the frame of the tree.
Tiny candy corn, pumpkins, Skelton skulls, spider webs all accent this creation I think somewhere in the mix is a spider..

Hello Everyone

Goodness I feel so bad I have not been here in almost 2 months. I have been a little under the weather but do have a couple of items I want to post.

Framed Cherubs Cameo

Friday, July 24, 2009

Framed Cherubs Cameo Measures 3¾ X4¾ inches. I used a white felt as a background, in the center I put a wine colored cameo of 2 Cherubs, On the outside I adhered some silver braid, and finally I put a piece of a old earring just to the right of the bottom. This frame has it’s own easel.

Framed Victorian Mother and Child Cameo

Framed Victorian Mother and Child Cameo
6½ X 4½ inches. The felt I used as a backing matches the green in the cameo perfect.!! I used Ecru Lace as the backing for the cameo, I accented the outer oval of the cameo with off white pearls, and a small yellow moonstone button on the right hand side. Designed to be used with a Easel.

Flamingo Framed Cameo

Flamingo Framed Cameo
This frame is wider at the bottom at the top. The bottom measures 6 inches and the top measures 5 inches. There is a ribbon at the top to hang on the wall. I used some tropical floral wall paper for my backing, at the top I put a old blue earring from the 50’s, and in the corner I put a 6 pointed star. In the center I used a old wooden pendant and glued the Flamingo Cameo in the center and added a silver chain and a pink dotted ribbon, if you look close you can see a tiny butterfly in the right hand corner.

Blue and Orange Ribbon Wreath

Blue and Orange Ribbon Wreath
Measures 6¾ inches in diameter. I wrapped this with 3 colors of ribbon orange, blue, and off white. At the top in the Blue section you will find a 2 ladybugs and a glitter butterfly appliqué. In the 2nd section moving to the right you will find a orange dog and a blue flower. In the next section I put white buttons with orange buttons on top of the then accented them with faux blue rhinestones. In the center at the bottom is a 2 color ribbon, in the next white section is a orange butterfly appliqué, and finally in the last section is orange ribbon with white buttons and orange buttons on top of them, finally accented with clear faux rhinestones.

Southwest Tree

Southwest Tree
The frame measures 13½ X 11½ inches. This was so much fun to make I painted the frame a copper color, used blue velvet as my background, I framed the tree out using braided red Rick rack. I used old jewelry to fill the body of the tree. You will find Concho’s, fetish items, Buffalo, Cactus, Mother of Pearl, many silver and faux turquoise items.

Framed Rose Cameo

Framed Rose Cameo
Frame measures 5¾ X 4¾ inches, I used a purple felt as my backing accented with pink lace, the cameo is white in color with a gold oval braid around the top section, the flowers in the cameo are a pastel pink color. I added a pair of old vintage earrings in each corner. Designed to be used with a Easel.

Framed Victorian Cameo

Framed Victorian Cameo
Measures 5 X 6 inches, I used purple felt as my backing. Lavender lace for the backing on the Cameos. I accented this with a Vintage faux pearl earring in the upper right hand corner and a Vintage Faux pearl and rhinestone pin. Designed to be used with a Easel.

Framed Victorian Couple

Framed Victorian Couple
I was extremely lucky to find a frame that matches so well, this is a smaller frame measuring 4½ X 3½ inches, I used a wine colored crushed velvet for the backing, I put the Cameo in the center accented it with pink faux pearls and at the bottom I added a piece of Vintage Jewelry which has a Mauve colored cats eye bead prong set in the center. Designed to be used with a Easel.

Framed White Floral Cameo

Framed White Floral Cameo
Frame measures 4¾ X 5¾ inches, I used a Fuchsia color felt for my backing which add some accent as the flowers in the Cameo have a hint of Fuchsia in them. I made a Ecru lace yo-yo, I added vintage faux pearl earrings on the upper right and lower right hand corners. Designed to be used with a Easel

Framed Dutch House Cameo

Measures 5 X 6½ inches, I used blue felt as a backing, made a yo yo with some lace that matches the roof color, for accent I added a blue button on the bottom right hand corner. Can be hung on the wall or used with a Easel.

Pearl Vintage Jewelry Framed Collage

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pearl Vintage Jewelry Framed Collage
Frame measures 6 X 8, I used black velvet for the backing it is really quite striking with the gold from the Jewelry.
I then added several pieces of Vintage faux pearl jewelry.
Designed to be used with a Easel

Earth Day Collage

Earth Day Collage
This measures 13 X 17. Blue frame with white accents.
I formed the circle for Earth using Ecru primitive rick rack, I then added a row of yellow buttons all around the diameter and on top of that I put a brown button in between every button for dimension. I then added sand color felt for my backing. I used blue vintage Jewelry for the Sea, yellow vintage jewelry for the Sun, and Earthy textures for the Earth.
Can hang on the wall or be used on a Easel.

Jaguar Tree

Jaguar Tree
Frame measures 13 X 17. The tree has black foam as a backing.
I used teal lace to form the shape of the tree, I recycled some old jewelry and some Jaguar Shower Hooks. The plastic footballs were some cupcake picks I found in my kitchen.

Some recycled bowling balls

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I made these a long time ago just never got to post them

Tropical Button Tree

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tropical Button Tree I had a terrible time trying to get a good picture of this I must have taken 20 and I am still not happy with the picture but honestly this is the best I could get Tree measures 10 inches high, the can on the bottom adds a additional 3 inches. I made the can to set the tree on to take the picture however if you like it I will add it with the tree for you (no charge) I adorned this tree with bright tropical colored buttons, a green ribbon at the top with pink stitching and in the center I put a small flower. Peeking out of the top is a crystal star.. This is the perfect size for a desk or small area.

View Here:

West Highland Terrier framed Tree

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I did this on a Special Order

Fun in Florida Ribbon Wreath

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just to much fun..
It explains itself
I made this for a friend

Mothers Day Pin or Magnet

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I made this pin myself using a pastel Buttons of faux pearl, and pink.
The pin measures 3¾ inches in diameter.
The backing for this pin/magnet is Professional Grade Styrofoam board
In which I added small lace around and put pink felt on the back for a
Smooth finish to the back
In the center I put a “ Happy Mother’s Day ” graphic. Ecru bow on the
Bottom center with a silver tone and Rhinestone Heart.
I can make this as a pin for you or a Magnet just tell me what you prefer.

Mothers Day Pin/ Magnet

I made this pin myself using a pastel Buttons of white, green, and pink.
The pin measures 3¾ inches in diameter.
The backing for this pin/magnet is Professional Grade Styrofoam board
In which I added small lace around and put pink felt on the back for a .
Smooth finish to the back
In the center I put a “ Happy Mother’s Day ” graphic which I framed out
Mint green braided tiny Rick rack
I can make this as a pin for you or a Magnet just tell me what you prefer.

Beach Satin Wreath

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sea Shell Ribbon Wreath
I made this using thick poster board as my shape for the wreath, and then wrapped in a peach color ribbon.
Wreath measures 4½ inches in diameter, suitable for window, home, or car.
Embellishments include:
Lighthouse Appliqué (2½ inches long)
2 Flip Flop Appliqués
Nautical Summer Shirt
Top Center Sunset Beach Sign
Grosgrain ribbon at center top above Beach sign
On the bottom I made a pathway to the Lighthouse using small glass oval opal cabochons. These glow in the sun light so pretty.

Can be purchased at:

Patriotic Ribbon Wreath

Monday, April 13, 2009

Patriotic Ribbon Wreath
I used a recycled corrugated cake holder to make my diameter, this does measure a full 10 inches in diameter.
I wrapped the diameter in red satin ribbon which has a shiny look to it, the items I put on the wreath are as follows.
Large Silver tone Eagle from a broken Necklace
Red, White and Blue plastic stars
Red, White and Blue wooden heart buttons, the two on the top half of the wreath have smaller plastic stars on top of each wooden heart.
The Red, White, and Blue heart buttons on the bottom half of the wreath are embellished with Vintage broken earrings 2 of which are Denim in color how American is that…
I have 2 Appliqués 1 is the American Flag and the other is a heart shape with stars and stripes.
Red, White, and Blue Metallic ribbon used to form the Bow above the plastic flag on upper left hand side.
I am very pleased how this came out…

Pajamas I made for Taylor my Boy Dog

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cute soft fleece with paw prints all over.
I made my own pattern and it is very easy to sew together I was surprised I tried to make it easy and by George it was

Comments always welcome

Made my Dog a Red Hat Dress

I did do one thing wrong can you see what it is?
I made my own pattern she has packed on a few pounds since we got her so I had to make it a little bigger. She is such a rat just when I went to snap she moved her head

Comments always welcome

Framed Jewelry Easter Egg

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I recycled a plastic picture by painting it a Spring Green
I used Pink foam for the background, made a egg shape 1st trimmed it in small lace then outlined the lace with braided rick rack and then I applied the jewels.

Comments always welcome

Halloween Small wreath

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't really like this one but just trying to use up some odds and ends. Again it is only 4½' in diameter. I would love to make a big one but to many buttons..
Comments always welcome

To Ashamed to offer this one for sale
If I did I would only ask $6.00

Email me

Easter Chickadee Button Wreath

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Small 4½" in diameter. Made with buttons and a Hallmark Easter Chickadee pin. Many Pastel colors.I used green with white dots ribbon. The wreathe is wrapped in the ribbon.

Comments always welcome

Due to the cost of the supplies I must ask $15.00 for this
Email me

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