Personal Desk Pink Button Cone Tree

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Personal Desk Pink Button Cone Tree
Handmade by me and measures approx.10 inches high.
I do have a bottom for it that I made from a empty can of peanuts and some scrapbook paper I will include for you until you can find a stand of your pleasing.
Completely made with shades of Pink and Ivory buttons, at the top I have made a yo - yo from some Heritage Pink Lace I found in my scrap drawer. I added a small chain of small pink faux pearls below the yo - yo and in the center you will see a gold tone heart with a pink cabochon in the center.
Used poster board for the cone and covered with left over felt, then formed the cone and glued together in the back (Hint it helps to tape to hold in place then glue) the rest I think you can figure out


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