Sunday, October 18, 2009

Santa Claus Tree
I had so much fun making this tree. Took me 3 days to finally finish but it was a lot of fun.
Frame measures 16 X 13 and the inside measures 13¾ inches X 10¾.
I have generously adorned my tree with many many Christmas themed items including sequined Mr. and Mrs. Santa’s, several Vintage pieces of Jewelry, Moose heads, a Drummer Boy, Santa’s Sleigh, snowflakes, some buttons in there too, You can even find a Vintage Bracelet in the center, I also see some Christmas Bells and holly and much more.


JP said...

I'm impressed! You keep coming up with ideas on these buttons and jewelry! These latest are all very pretty but I think my favorite is the multi color desk tree. Nice work, as always.

HDMac said...


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