Chicken Wire Covered Candles

Friday, October 3, 2008

No Rhyme or Reason for the making of these. I had made some bracelets using the chicken wire and had a couple pieces left over and did not want to throw them away so I came up with this idea.
And Yes I am a Lizard Fan


Amber said...

Those are so pretty!! Who knew chicken wire could look so good?

craftymug said...

Wow, Donna Lee! I am amazed at the ideas you come up with. Who would have ever thought of that but you? They are very pretty. Good idea!

Linsey said...

Oh my, these are so neat, Donna! You are such a talented gal, I'm so happy we connected! :) Thanks for sharing and inspiring! hugs!

HDMac said...

I love those .. they are gorgeous!

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