Jockey Earrings

Friday, August 1, 2008

I made these some time ago took a pair of old damaged disc earrings and wrapped black elastic around them until the earring was totally covered. I found these little charms in the bottom of a bag of supplies I had so I glued them on to the earrings. The little charms are a Horse and a Jockey Hat with the Horse Whip resting under the cap.

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Jill said...

Hi Donna! I found your blog via the VOY CraftSayings forum. I loved looking at your creations--they are wonderful and you are very creative.

BTW--I also grew up in South Burlingon and graduated SBHS in 1979. I moved away when I went to college and then ended up in NJ. My folks moved from VT (they retired and lived in South Hero) about 15 yrs's been along time since i've been up there but I miss the lake!!

Donna lee said...

Hi Jill
It is a small world... I graduated in 1970 so I am a bit older than you. We almost bought a home in North Hero to return to upon retirement but then remembered the cold cold winter and changed our minds.
We went up there 3 years ago to see the Autumn Foliage it was beautiful on Mt. Mansfield
Thank You for the compliment I love recycled crafts the best

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