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Thursday, August 7, 2008

This Bracelet has been sold

I made these 2 Bracelets using broken jewelry items. I first took a 7½" bracelet and went through my junk jewelry and found some items from old earrings made charms out of them and attached to the bracelet. I made the theme Black and White and Pink.
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$10.00 Black and White Bracelet

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Crafty Sue said...

Wow! Those braclets are so pretty!
I admire your creativity.
Looking forward to see what you will do next.

HDMac said...

Those are very pretty! What a great way to recycle these items that might otherwise sit in a container in a craft room for a long time! (think i might have some experience there?) lol Love your projects, Donna Lee!


Amber said...

Very pretty! I wish I had some old jewelry to do that. Thrift store is just so expensive on jewelry around here.

craftymug said...

You know I always like your creations and these are beautiful!!

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