Lace Christmas Tree

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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I am beginning to think I am the recycle Queen I just love it. As you can see these are made with ¾" lace I just took some that was in my stash and cut it to make the shape of a tree. Then I embellished it with some old jewelry

This item has been sold


HDMac said...

And it, too, looks beautiful!

craftymug said...

Yes, you could be the recycle queen. This is my fav tree but they are all gorgeous. I like the lizard too!

Amber said...

So very pretty!! Being the recyle queen is great!! Just think, no expensive craft supplies!! And, everything you make turns out so pretty!!

Kudzu said...

You've added some gorgeous crafts since last time I was here, I'm totally in love with the jewelry trees and lizard :D

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