Wreath I made for Our Front Door

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Copper Lace Tree Skirt

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Decided to do my Tree this year in Ivory, Copper, and Peach
Needed a Tree Skirt which I am sure you know I could not find so with the help of some Fellow crafters on Etsy I was able to make my own.
Comments always welcome

Vintage Santa rolling Snowball Card

Vintage Santa rolling Snowball Card
Made with a old Vintage Card reproduced .by me. Wood Frame measures 15 X 12 and is painted in a Silver with some Black streaks in some areas giving a Antique Look.
Background is done with a collage of mixing scrapbook paper together, On the edges of the frame I embellished them with both red and green beads taken from two old broken Necklaces I had in my Junk box.
The Santa Card measures 9 X 6 and is framed out with Red, Green, and Ivory Buttons.
In the center you can see Santa rolling a huge snowball and in the middle of the snowball I made a tree with other smaller buttons and a clear plastic star at the top. I used a silver small heart for the tree stand.
I did make the tree from Styrofoam board to give it a 3 dimensional effect. I covered it with green felt, then put the buttons on.
Merry Christmas

Vintage reproduced Small Children Christmas Card

Vintage reproduced Small Children Christmas Card Wood Oak Frame measures 7 X 5, I outlined 3 of the edges with alternating Red and Green small ¼ inch buttons. The Vintage card shows 2 young girls peeking from behind a curtain at the Christmas Tree, I would assume this was Christmas Eve. On the right hand side near the bottom I used both red and crystal rhinestones to form a tree, at the bottom I used green rhinestones to form the trunk of the tree. At the top I put a green button for effect and then on top of that I added a star. This Art piece has it’s own Easel. Enjoy


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage Santa Framed Postcard
Made using a Vintage reproduced Christmas Postcard.
Wood Frame measures 5 x 6, a lovely pine color found at estate sale,
I framed the postcard using recycled red beads from a Vintage Necklace I had in my stash, resting on the left side of Santa’s beard is a lovely Rhinestone Tree made from Aurora Borealis stones topped off with a matching Star at the Top.
Merry Christmas

Glitter Beard Santa

Glitter Beard Santa
I so enjoyed making this piece of Art
Wood Frame measures 8½ X 7 actual inside dimensions 6½ X 4½.
Blue Christmas designed background, Santa is a Reproduced Vintage Christmas Card, I outlined and framed the card with clear crystal Rhinestones.
Santa’s beard has been embellished with snow glitter, I added a matching Rhinestone tree in the right hand bottom and on top is a Blue Star.
Merry Christmas
Has a saw tooth hanger to put up on wall or it can be displayed on a easel.

Poinsettia Silk Framed Christmas Tree

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Poinsettia Silk Tree
I made this with recycling in mind. I used Hunter Green Velvet as my background, I had some red silk poinsettias left over from another project and I need 25 but only had 24 red so I used a Silver one as a topper. I then added tiny silver tone beads in the center of the red flowers and a pearl red one in the center of the silver one. Used as a tree stand is a old Vintage Silver tone Pin. Frame is a Thrift Shop find, wood, and does not have a picture frame hanger on the back however you can add one if you wish or use a easel. Frame measures 16 X 13.

For Sale $25.00 Free Shipping

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My 1st attempt at something new. Christmas card is dated 1988 so does qualify for Vintage. I matted the card then added a string of clear crystal rhinestones around the edges. Picture is of a old Barn and Sawmill with small Children outside skating on the icy pond. On the right hand side I made a Rhinestone Christmas Tree with both red and purple glass stones.
Solid wood frame with it’s own easel however you can display it with a easel if you wish..

Always looking for some love share comments
For Sale $25.00 Free Shipping

Gold Angel Jewelry Christmas Tree

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This lovely tree is on a Gold tone wooden frame measuring 9½ X 11. I adorned this tree with all Gold Jewelry and Faux Pearl embellishments, the back ground is a white felt with metallic specks. I have placed a Cameo Locket near the bottom center and a gold tone Angel is at the top of the tree playing a Violin.. In the back ground between pieces you will find some braided gold trim for effect. Signed 4th in my 2009 series

For Sale $25.00 Free Shipping

Silver Angel Framed Christmas Tree

This lovely tree is on a Gold tone wooden frame measuring 9½ X 11.
I adorned this tree with all Silver Jewelry and Faux Pearl embellishments, the back ground is a Ecru felt.
I have placed 3 Angels down the center of the tree, one is praying, one is holding a candle, and the one at the top has flowers in her hand. The tree has many small pieces of Vintage Jewelry, at the bottom on each corner I put silver Angel Wings, with a Peace on Earth sign in the center. At the very top I used a Silver Poinsettia, also used in the design of this tree is silver trim.
Signed 5th in my 2009 Series
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